- The Dangerous Twin -

Can drop a line on any track and make it pop

Inspiration: Nicki Minaj

(Yes, Like the Bratz Doll)


There is no connection here...

- The Loud Twin -

Can hit any note on a scale - except those ones Whitney can reach (so selfish...)

Inspiration: Ariana Grande


2021 - Serve It maintains #1 Overall Position for 4 Consecutive Weeks

2020 - Barbie Doll Selected as Semi-Finalist in International Song Comp

2020 - Serve It Debuts at #1 on Triple J Unearthed Charts

2020 - Barbie Doll Debuts at #3 on Triple J Unearthed Charts

2019 - Black Sun Best Pop Song Los Angeles

2019 - FastTrack Melbourne 3rd Place

2019 - YOYO Music Management Consultation

2018 - Toyota Country Music Festival Entertainer of the Year Finalist

2018 - Battle of the Bluegrass Finalist

2018 - FastTrack Talent Best Group Performance

2018 - All Together Now Australia Top 70

2018 - FastTrack Melbourne 2nd Place

2018 - BennyGregs Gala Performance Dinner Selected Artist

2017 - Banjo Music Video Release

2016 - VCE Premier's Award Academic Excellence in Music

2015 - Excellence in Arts
2015 - Excellence in Instrumental Music

2012 - Whittlesea Country Music Festival Junior Talent Quest Winner
2012 - Kyneton Show Idol Juniors 1st Place

2011 - Romsey Vintage Street Festival Most Outstanding Performance

2010 - Kyneton Show Idol Under 13s 1st Place
2010 - Australian Music Examination Board First Grade Pass
2010 - Australian Music Examination Board Second Grade Pass with Honours

2009 - Australian Music Examination Board Preliminary Pass with Credit

2003 - Est.

Our Story


We’re so thrilled that you have reached our page! Please take a moment to read through our content, like our socials, and of course, we’ll see you at the next show!


Here’s our story!


Our Mom lost 16 babies before she had us. On the day that we were born, she was so emotionally moved upon hearing our cries that she thanked God that we were alive and that we weren’t another stillbirth. She felt at that point that we would be bringing healing to hearts, and the magic and soulfulness of us being identical twins combined with our singing, would bring peace to many a person who listened!


We are now 23! Doesn’t life just take you on a journey! Formerly from Woodend, we now reside in Melbourne. We have been performing since we can remember around the Macedon Ranges, Mitchell Shire, Melbourne based venues including Melbourne's Hisense Arena & Melbourne's Recital Centre, The Esplanade and Sydney based venues including Fox Studios and Sydney's Olympic Park to name a few.


If you have seen us on The X Factor Australia you will know a little bit more about us! But don’t worry, for those who haven’t seen our Audition, we’ve got you covered! We are 4-time X Factor Australia Contestants; making it to the Live Auditions three times in a row and have also previously auditioned for 'Australia's Got Talent' and 'Young Talent Time.'


Some of our greatest highlights to date include the Support Act for Reece Mastin (2012 X Factor Winner) in 2014 at 'Regenerate'. We took out 1st Place at the 2015 Volume Battle Of The Bands in Mitchell Shire and recorded an EP with our own single 'Black Sun' which was released in April 2016! If you would like to purchase this heart-pouring song, head over to Merchandise! We have also taken out 1st Place for under 15's Best Talent twice in a row at the Whittlesea Country Music Festival. More recently, we recorded at Fox Studios in Sydney where we were escorted around Sydney to film for Season 1 of “All Together Now” in 2018. We also placed third and took out “Best Performance” at one of Melbourne’s Prestige Singing Competitions late 2018 through to 2019!


2021 is here and we are still busy making music! Stay tuned for what is about to come, because it is fresh, innovative and a side of us you have never seen before! Our debut album 'Silver Spoon' is dropping March 21, 2021 in response to anti-bullying. We couldn't be more excited and proud of our achievements. We are making a stance against bullying...will you join us?


The Press would best describe us as quirky, fun, bubbly, unique and sassy! We would be best expressed as an Energetic Powerhouse Duo with Spine-Chilling Tight Harmonies, Powerful Lead Vocals and an Incredible Twinship! Mix this with a sound of Little Mix, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce sprinkled with a hint of Ariana Grande on top, and we serve you FLAXXON.

FLAXXON's clientele include Cooperate Personnelle & Cooperate Venues, Pubs, Bars, Weddings, Fundraisers and Private Functions.

Whether you are after a pocket-rocket duo for a fundraiser, special event, wedding or a live band for your venue, look no further. This power duo will wow the crowds with their harmonies, country twang, pop raps, ballad high power range and twinship.




Samuel has been working as part of the Crew for many years and is a Master in Lighting, Sound and Photography. He can be seen at most live music events with FLAXXON, with his Signature Suede Timberlands on show!


With such a fast learning technique and dedication to expand his horizons, Dan is part of our Crew and wears our logo proudly. He can be seen at our live music events with his signature snapback, label clothing and a Camera ready to roll.

Check out @DHM Photography on Insta & Facebook to find out more!



Susan-Veronica has worked with some of the Dance Academies in Woodend and Melbourne and has privately tutored hundreds artists. Her style of tuition focuses on empowerment, direction, style-focus, stage presence and Musical Theatre groups. She is the backbone to our Team and we appreciate her so much! For Vocal Coaching Services visit Susan-Veronica Productions on Facebook. Head to 'SV'S VOCAL COACHING' tab above to find out more!